Alas, all my texts are only available in German. In the meantime read my english descriptions to get an idea or, even better, have a look on my english-language photoblog.


Das große Verdrängen (Spiegel Online, August 2012)

20 years ago a home for asylum seekers burnt in Rostock-Lichtenhagen. I went there to see how the inhabitants deal with it today. Well, most of them do not. 

Tolkien für einen Tag (Zitty, August 2012, PDF)

LARP – that is adults dressing up like sorcerers and dwarfs to go role playing in the woods. I wanted to know why they do it and accompanied them for a day. The got the best of all reasons: they want to create their own universe, they like phantasy, they want to be Tolkien for one day. 


Arabellion, made in Germany (Financial Times Deutschland, March 2012)

During the Arab Spring Germany became a hotspot for digital revolution help. I portrait the helpers in this text. 

Small Portrait 

Stille Arbeit (MEIER, September 2008)

A small portrait of Luigi Toscano, a Mannheim-based photographer. 


Das Experiment (Journalist, März 2012)

An essay about the journalistic art of the reportage – what she was and what she needs to be in the 21st century.