Das blonde Haar in der Jerusalemer Kirche

Dienstag, der 30. Oktober 2012 @ 23:00

Redeemer Church Israel Jerusalem Erlöserkirche Deutsch Protestant

This is the magnificent Redeemer Church of Jerusalem – it was built on top of a 17cm-long blond hair. Exactly 114 years ago, on Reformation Day 1898, the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. opened the church as a widely visible testimony to the strength of the German nation (yeah, we know where this one ended). What the Kaiser did not know: in the foundation stone of the church lay a hair next to some German coins, a bible and Luther’s 95 theses. Researchers found the hair a year ago and they just do not know whom it belongs too. One theory goes like this: This is the hair of a workers’ girlfriend who put it there as a token for their eternal love. I know, this sounds too good to be true. But, well, water to wine, walking over water, making the blinded see – was not every church founded on a story that is too good to be true?

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