IMG 0358 Joy

School Kids in Tibetan Regions of China, 2007

Das Ende der WeltThe End Of The World

IMG 1362 The End Of The World Carnarvon, Australia 2006

A maze and amazement go together, no?

Jorge Luis Borges

Indeed, they do.

Eine Hexe bei JesusA Witch At Jesus'

IMG 00782 A Witch At Jesus

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem, 2014


IMG 0532 Wildfire

Wildfire somewhere in Australia, 2006

IMG 0494 Wildfire

IMG 0507 Wildfire

IMG 0502 Wildfire

IMG 0527 Wildfire

DemnächstComing Soon

2013 11 14 21.28.50 1 Coming Soon

Zaatari - Flüchtlingslager - IIZaatari - Refugee Camp - II

2013 09 18 13.02.05 2 Zaatari   Refugee Camp   II Kids in Zaatari refugee Camp for displaced Syrians, Northern Jordan, September 2013


tumblr mu5xh9rcSv1rju79co1 1280 Grandma

Grandma, Amsterdam, October 2013

Know your true measurements and dress your mind accordingly.

J.D. Salinger

War is primarily not about victory or defeat but about death and the infliction of death. It represents the total failure of the human spirit.

Robert Fisk “The Great War for Civilization”