Sonntag, der 4. November 2012 @ 21:06

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How being in Israel changes what you see (and remember): A beachgoer drew an orthodox jew into the sand of one of Jaffas beaches. How I knew? Because of the hat. They call it a “Shtreimel”, it is furry and it is mostly worn by married Haredi jews on Shabbat or jewish holidays. On fridays in Jerusalem you can spot a lot of hats like this, especially in the vicinity of the ultraorthodox quarters. To see a real Shtreimel, click here. Ah, and please, if you want to blend in and wear a hat like this yourself: do not mistake it for the furry thing Russians wear in winter. Their hat is called “Ushanka”. It has got ear protection. The current day-time temperature in Jerusalem is 26 °C. Wearing such a hat would make even the ultraorthodox jews with their “Shtreimels” stare at you.

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